About My Test Prep Program at Stony Brook

My approach to tutoring has been customized to address the specific needs of Stony Brook students enrolled in CHE 321 or CHE 322.

Whether you are looking for a really good review or are completely lost with the subject, you will find that my tutorial program will help you. I have spent over 15 years perfecting my tutoring model which is based on three major principles:

  1. I assume that students have no prior experience with the subject matter being taught
  2. I break down each and every topic by theory and application
  3. During the reviews, I will identify the most common issues students usually have with a topic rather than wait for students to ask questions

Although these three principles may not seem like much (on paper), in practice it has allowed me to help thousands of STONY BROOK STUDENTS with their success in organic chemistry regardless of their past academic performance. Students often feel overwhelmed and uncertain about their level of competency with the subject matter. The biggest problem is that when they try to seek help, they don't really understand what they know and don't know because the subject is new to them. Additionally and more importantly, students don't know what the right questions to ask are and rely on the educator to fill in the blanks for them . Our approach to tutoring addresses these issues by the principles listed above.


Why Choose Todd?

There are many reasons my program can be a great fit for you. Below are just a few that I believe stand out:

Structure of the Sessions

Each chapter review runs approximately 5-8 hours. During this time Todd will teach the theory and problem solving techniques required to help you master the material and prepare you for your exam.

There are 3 types of sessions offered. Each session type has a different goal. Many students enroll into the full package deal so they can gain access to all my sessions. Others only wish to only attend one session type. My reccomendation is to try them out and see if you like one more than the other.


My Commitment to You

As mentioned above, I take a lot of pride and joy helping people learn organic chemistry. There truly is no better reward than knowing that you can make a difference in people's lives. This is probably the reason you are studying organic chemistry. To go on and become a person who will one day have the opportunity to help make a difference. That said, I make the following commitments to you:

  1. I will do my best to break down the subject matter
  2. I will identify all required knowledge needed for a topic about to be covered. So you will know the pre-requisite for the subject matter about to be taught
  3. I will never rush through the material
  4. I will dedicate as much time during the session outside the session to make sure I have a good strategy for the material about to be taught
  5. ANY problem that I assign to you, I will do myself before the session and take notes as to what I think will be trouble spots with the question
  6. I will always be prepared to explain a topic from many different perspectives. If I see one way of explaining isn't working, I will use another method.


My Expectations of You

My commitment to your success requires your commitment to the program. I really take a lot of pride in the service provided and I want each and every student to gain the most from my sessions. It is for this reason that I ask you to commit to the following:

  1. You will bring your textbook to the sessions (have it avaialble while watching the videos)
  2. You promise to try all problems that I assign during the sessions and not wait for me to answer them for you. This will help you measure your understanding of the material just covered.
  3. You will approach me via email with any questions you have even if you think it is "a bad question".(As we all know by now, there are no bad questions.)
  4. You will have an open mind when learning the topics. Although you may feel you know a topic, you may find that you further secure your understanding by listening to my explanation. Many of the top students at Stony Brook have attended my sessions and gained new insight into the subject matter. Have an open mind and you too will achieve a higher level of understanding


Schedule Details

The review program for an exam usually begin around 3 weeks before the actual exam. I try my best to space out the sessions so you have time in between a chapter to review before the next chapter. All videos are avaialble beginning on the date listed in the schedule and will remain available to you up until your actual exam. After your exam is completed the review videos are no longer avaialble for your view and your subscription will be expired. (you will no longer have access to the course material).


Location for Video Access

You can access all my videos, notes and live webinars at Streaming Tutors. Click the links below to get there:

STREAMING TUTORS - Organic Chemistry 1

STREAMING TUTORS - Organic Chemistry 2




Exam Package - I charge a fixed fee per exam for you to gain access to my entire exam offering. Your purchase provides you access to all material for a given exam (all my weekly reviews, webinars and mega reviews)

Mega Review Package - Your purchase provides you access only to the mega review material for a given exam. I usually offer a mega review option 3-4 days before your exam.



If you purchase an exam package then you have access to the online program at Streaming Tutors from the day you purchase up until your actual midterm. You must purchase the package for each exam if you wish to continue using our program after your exam is complete.

For example, if you purchase the Exam 1 package, then you can watch all videos for exam 1 as many times as you wish up until your actual exam. After your first exam is completed the exam 1 tutoring program is also completed and you will no longer have access to the videos or any other material at Streaming Tutors.


Thank you for taking the time to read this page. Hopefully it has answered any question you may have. We look forward to seeing you at the sessions!