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About Our Program

My approach to tutoring has been customized to address the needs of any student taking undergraduate organic chemistry at Stony Brook. Whether you are looking for a really good review or are completely lost with the subject, you will find that my tutorial program will help you. I spent over 15 years perfecting the tutoring model that we use today. The model is based upon three major principles:

  1. I assume that students have no prior experience with the subject matter being taught.
  2. I break down each and every topic by theory and application.
  3. During the reviews, I will identify the most common issues students usually have with a topic rather than wait for students to ask questions.


As a pre-med struggling to balance all of my demanding science courses, Streaming Tutors provided me with a way to keep up with my organic chemistry class. Initially I hated orgo because it seemed so foreign to me and appeared to be very overwhelming; however, watching Todd Rothman’s videos made me understand the concepts of organic chemistry in a way that made everything seem much simpler in the end. He breaks down all the concepts and makes them easy enough to understand, even if you think you’re terrible at orgo. He provides more than enough practice problems and his Mega Reviews are always helpful to get used to the way your professor teaches. I ended up very satisfied with my grades in the class after two semesters of organic chemistry, and I have Todd to thank for that! 

Kripali G.

Quick Tip

Organic chemistry is a course that requires a lot of practice. Unlike other courses, you really cannot cram. The more time you give yourself the better the chances of your success. Try to dedicate 1-2 hours each day to the subject. Don't take on too much at once. The subject is highly cummulative. What you learn today will be used during the final exam of orgo 2. So take your time and be consistent in your study approach.